ASHP-Midyear Poster Presentation- Winter 2013

ASHP-Midyear Poster Presentation- Winter 2013

See my poster abstract below:

Title: Using an objective structured teaching exercise (OSTE) to develop pharmacy preceptors

Primary Author: Livia Macedo

Additional Authors:
Deborah A. Sturpe
Stuart T. Haines
Toyin Tofade
Cherokee Layson-Wolf
Mary Lynn McPherson

A potential model for preceptor development is the objective structured teaching exercise (OSTE), a unique method previously described in the medical education literature. During an OSTE, participants observe and practice clinical teaching skills and receive feedback in a low-threat environment through interaction with standardized students trained to portray specific roles. To date, there are no studies evaluating OSTE for pharmacy preceptor development. Our objective is to determine the feasibility and acceptability of the method.

The protocol was reviewed by the IRB and was deemed exempt because it involved normal instructional practices conducted in a commonly accepted educational setting. The project will consist of three phases. In Phase I, a comprehensive training needs analysis will be distributed to advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) community pharmacy preceptors. Data will also be collected from students’ APPE community pharmacy practice evaluations regarding the types of activities performed and value of feedback received during each rotation. These data will be used to identify topics for preceptor development that are amenable to the OSTE format. In Phase II, we will design, develop, implement, and evaluate a three-station OSTE. In Phase III, changes in preceptor behavior will be measured. This project is innovative because it will be the first to evaluate the utilization of OSTE for preceptor development in pharmacy education and to examine long-term behavioral changes.

P.S. Please let me know your thoughts and ideas about this research. Manuscript in the making…


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