Session notes: Leaving the ADDIE model behind

Should we leave ADDIE for SAM? What are your thoughts?

From what I have read on the internet and watched YouTube videos about SAM…it seems that this model is more realistic and what actually happens in practice when you need to deliver a product in a short period of time. I am curious to do some more investigation about this model.

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I am interested in delivering more elearning content, and decided to sit in on Michael Allen’s presentation on Leaving the ADDIE model behind. I am always looking for a better process to help develop content. Being aware of ADDIE, I was interested in Allen’s new approach. Allen has written this approach in his new book,  Leaving ADDIE for SAM, which should come out in October.

The slides for Allen’s presentation can be found on the Web.

Allen asked, what is the criterion for picking the right process for you? Basically, we do what works for us. Most people probably use ADDIE in a modified form. Regardless of the process, we are typically concerned with a number of issues that relate to the products we create: Do the products you create meet your satisfaction within the constraints? Are the products delivered on time? Are the products delivered within the…

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3 thoughts on “Session notes: Leaving the ADDIE model behind

  1. Great post Livia! Yes, the idea of bailing on ADDIE has kind of rocked my foundation. I even feel a little guilty acknowledging the limitations of ADDIE as posted on tubarks wordpress blog. The quote “Making a plan and sticking to it guarantees a suboptimal solution” by Andrew Fitzgibbon is sobering. I am intrigued by Allen’s description of the SAM process, and have ordered his book. I’ll let you know when I get it – you can borrow! Thanks!

    • Hi Lynn! I am also intrigued by the SAM model and would love to learn more about it. I would definitely like to borrow your book whenever you are done reading it- let me know. Thanks!

  2. Hi Livia,

    Great, thought provoking question. I read Cammy’s blog on this topic and SAM is an interesting model for designing and developing training. In my opinion individuals that use the ADDIE model may continue to use if it works for them and some may transition and use SAM, maybe too early to determine. Currently, we use the ADDIE process because it works for us, I don’t have plans to use another process, but that can change. “If the model you use gives you the quality products you want on time and on budget then stick with it,” stated in Cammy’s blog. Like you I am interested in the SAM process and I will definitely purchase the book.

    Thanks for sharing!


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