David Kelley eLearning Expert Interview

Mr. Kelly is currently the Program Director of The eLearning Guild (http://www.elearningguild.com/), but he also brings to our class extensive experience in training and development aimed at performance support in the workplace. According to Mr. Kelly’s website, he believes “in leveraging technology to bring learning and development programs into the workflows of the job in ways that better address performance issues, and are less intrusive to work environments.”

During the interview, Mr. Kelley stated that he agrees that google glass can be used for educational purposes. I personally have heard of being used in medicine for educational purposes during surgeries to teach other medical students or residents.
I am not certain of the use of google glass in pharmacy. I believe you could use for patient interactions or potentially to record OSCE encounters to train students.

One of his top tool for collaboration is twitter. I’ve seen a trend as majority of the eLearning experts I have talked to loves twitter. He states that “twitter is where majority of the sharing takes place”.

He recommended to follow eLearning expert Cathy Moore: http://blog.cathy-moore.com/

To learn more about Mr. Kelly, please visit his website at http://davidkelly.me/
You can also follow Mr. Kelly’s blog (http://davidkelly.me/blog/) or follow him on Twitter at @lnddave.


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