Organization-Centric or Network-Centric? Part 3

In the article, Working Wikily, the author’s outline the characteristics of an Organization-Centric versus a Network-Center model.  They make these comments:




 knowledge is constrained

knowledge is expanded

knowledge, leadership, and expertise is increasingly accessible

effectiveness is equated with longevity

effectiveness is equated with mobility

 groups come and go in order to achieve common goals

As I mentioned on my previous post, I believe there is a mix of both organization-centric and network-centric model in the institution I work. I am currently part of an interprofessional research team and I can see the power of collaboration when each team member contributes aiming to achieve a common goal. Knowledge as result is definitely expanded.

Teams assemble with a purpose and once the goal they are aiming for is achieved they are free to disassemble; and each individual member can seek new goals. A powerful team occurs when each individual team member is familiar with each other roles and responsibilities, an outstanding leader is in place, communication is at its best, and collaboration keeps getting better.  I believe a little bit of time needs to be allowed for team members to get acquainted and comfortable with each other initially; but once everyone on the team is on the same page, it only get’s better.



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