Organization-Centric or Network-Centric? Part 2

In the article, Working Wikily, the author’s outline the characteristics of an Organization-Centric versus a Network-Center model.  They make these comments:




 coordination is difficult

 coordination is easy

barriers are low enough that people can do “big things for love!’ or find partners in narrow passions

closed and proprietary

open and transparent

 sharing is routine, resources are available, and effortd and ideas build off of one another

In the institution I work I see both organization-centric and network-centric model. Coordination can be difficult at times with scheduling meetings based on everyone’s availability, etc. The institution does have a wonderful IT department and staff who help with incorporating educational activities into the schedule.

A portal is available with resources to faculty and staff at the institution I work; however, it is limited to tools only posted by IT personnel. Sharing is done among small groups of faculty who I work with and from administration who sends emails, newsletters, etc. However, at times I personally want to share resources and tools among all faculty, and instead of formally emailing the whole department or all departments; it would be nice to have a forum or learning discussion board to informally post comments, questions, and share resources among faculty members. This site could be categorized by department and/or type of resources and also have a search box, where we could search for a specific question or resource on the topic. This resource faculty site would be a tremendous benefit for all faculty, and especially new faculty who initially may need more guidance during their first year in the institution.



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