Pinterest is a free social media pinboard photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage image collections. Users can categorize images on different boards and follow other users’ boards if they have similar interest. Pinterest users can upload, save, sort, and manage images know as pins and other media content. Some people use Pinterest to collect images, photos, or organize resources such as the tools we are learning in this course.

I personally think this is a fun tool for those who like to collect images for their own personal interest and to share with others. You can pin your favorite images and also find out what others are interested in. This tool allows you to organize your images, but you can also do that on your computer hard-drive or Googledrive. I think the difference is because with Pinterest you can obtain comments and “likes” from others on your images and you can also provide comments on other people’s images. I really like the fact that you can research through a great variety of images. However, being an instructor, I would NOT use any images from Pinterest due to copyright violations (users beware!!!),  since it would likely require checking each individual site where the images come from to see if they are authorized for use. I frequently look for images in the internet for educational purposes for my presentations, but sometimes end up buying images to include on my presentations due to copyrights violations.

Here is an article about this topic: Is Pinterest a Haven for Copyright Violations?

For professional use I think this tool can be used to show students a visual of required books, educational tools or resources directly from your Pinterest account.

I do have a Pinterest account for over a year now and have rarely used it. I may consider using it to keep track of the social tools we are learning in this course. I recently discovered their section on education and found nice images and resources in this category. I think navigating through this section may be good to obtain ideas, however unfortunately like I mentioned before, I would not use these images for professional use due to copyrights violations.

Check out my Pinterest account:

If you are interested on this tool  you can create a free account at

2 thoughts on “Pinterest

  1. Livia – I loved looking at your Pinterest site; especially all the places you’ve traveled! I never thought of using Pinterest for that! I want to go to most of the places you posted, especially Switzerland and Belgium! I think we should both join the Federation of PHarmacists so we can travel internationally more!

    • Lynn- thank you for your comment! I would love to join the Federation of Pharmacists and travel with you! That sounds like an great plan! Travelling is one of my passions! The next country I would love to go is Australia!
      I also plan to start going on mission trips once a year after I complete my Fellowship and secure a faculty position.
      I never saw the value of pinterest until I took this class…Now I plan to use it to organize all the cool social media tools, technology tools and resources that I am learning with usefulness in the field of education and pharmacy!

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