Organization-Centric or Network-Centric?

I am current a Fellow at University of Maryland College of Pharmacy. From the short period of time I have been at the University, I have noticed that the Institution supports creativity, implementation of innovative ideas, and encourages employees to be in the “cutting edge” of pharmacy education, research and patient care.

I believe the Institution is in the process of transition from “organization-centric” to “network-centric”, as the concept of “interprofessional education” is being promoted by our new president and supported by various departments. I envision the Institution creating an interprofessional education center to facilitate sharing and connection among different professions.

I really like the idea of having an interprofessional portal for the institution, where employees from various professions (pharmacy, medicine, nursing, social work, law, dentistry, graduate school) can share resources, best practices, post questions/answers, and learn with, from and about each other.

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