Fellowship Year 1 Celebration

Category: Life in Academia as a Fellow

1 year down and 1 more to go…

I am very grateful and thankful to God for being surrounded by amazing people, being in a wonderful learning environment, and having the best mentors one could ask for…I could not be happier!

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Confucius

My Wonderful Fellowship Director Dr. Sturpe

2013-06-18 08.42.36 (1)

Thank you Drs. Deborah Sturpe, Stuart Haines, and Katie Kiser for working so closely with me this past year and being such wonderful mentors to me! I am very grateful for all you taught me and continue to teach me! Thank you for your patience, your guidance and for sharing your knowledge…thank you for molding me into a better person! I can not thank you enough!

Thank you both Drs. Magaly Rodriguez de Bittner and Lauren Hynicka for providing opportunities and being such wonderful role models to me! I look forward for helping out again with the Medical Spanish Terminology course this coming Fall!

Thank you Ms. Barbara Hunter, Yolanda Johnson, Lisa Calvert Chalk and Laura Seipp for always being there and willing to help!

Drs. Charmaine Rochester, Chanel Agness, and Ivy Muteithia

2013-06-18 08.37.01

Thank you Drs. Charmaine Rochester, Chanel Agness, and Kristin Watson for all your support and for sharing your life path in academia with the residents and I! We learned a lot from you!

Thank you Dr. Lynn Mcpherson for sharing your experiences and resources. I am enjoying very much to take a course with you this Summer (2013)!

Drs. Roshni Patel, Charmaine Rochester, Deborah Sturpe

2013-06-18 08.42.23

Residents and Fellows, Class of 2013

Residents and Fellows Year 1

I also learned a lot from my co-residents and fellows! Thank you all and congratulations on being done with residency!


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