Screen Recording Tools: Jing and Screenr


JIng (Photo credit: blogpocket)

This week I learned about two new tools Jing and Screenr. Jing is great for free screen recordings and capture! Download here  I also learned about Screenr, this tool is similar to Jing.

Both tools have a limit of 5 min for recordings, which is great for short videos. If you use Jing and desire to record a video longer than 5 min, you can upgrade to a tool called “Snagit 11”, which is also very simple to use and there is no time limit for your video. Although, there is a cost associated with it. You may get the free 30-day trial. Here you go:

Image representing Screenr as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

My blog image capture with Jing 


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